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   Schock Kitchen Sinks


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About Schock


Schock Granite sinks are considered by many as the finest and most durable sink range available today. Schock sinks are produced in two materials, CRISTALITE AND CRISTADUR and in each there is a range of models and colour choices.


Schock Granite sinks are 86% granite, ground and mixed with an acrylic and formed to achieve that amazing combination of beautiful design and super toughness. The surface is actually designed and intended to be used as a food preparation area which includes cutting and chopping! These tough surfaces do not stain and are impervious to all household chemicals.


CRISTALITE Granite sinks from Schock will not stain or scratch. You can scour the surface with a brillo pad, use abrasive cleaners like Ajax and Bar Keepers Friend and even chop food on the drainer, thats how tough this material is.


CRISTADUR is a superhard, super smooth material that Schock have used to create a unique range of sink styles and colours. Cristadur is so smooth that dirt and residue cannot be trapped on the surface. It is impervious to staining as the surface cannot be penetrated by staining agents from foodstuffs to inks. Simply wipe down regularly after use with a damp cloth. Along with this silky smoothness comes extreme hardness, it will not mark or scratch even when cut and chopped upon.


SCHOCK NEWS ! Now there are Schock sinks in stainless steel and as you would expect from this famous company they are excellent quality. Choose from one bowl and drainer or one and a half bowls and drainer, inset or undermount installation and all available as either left or right hand drainer. If you must have stainless steel then be sure to check these models out.


For help and advice please phone  01425 614 833

Image of the Schock Opus OPUS-D100 Inset or Undermount Granite kitchen sink

Image of the Schock Solido N-175 Undermount Granite kitchen sink

Image of the Schock Genius GEN-150 Inset Granite kitchen sink

Image of the Schock City CITY D100L Inset Granite kitchen sink

Image of the Schock Classic CLAR100 Inset Granite kitchen sink

Image of the Schock Solido N-50 Undermount Granite kitchen sink